this. is. me.

i was young when i first fell for the camera. rodeos. cowboys. horses. country love. the amazing moments able to be capturing astound me. inspired me. and from them on where ever i was a camera was not far behind me.

all of lifes problems can be solved on the dance floor. my favorite colors are mint green and purple. i am a social butterfly. the more the merrier. i love to cook and bake. i am a family woman. and love my friends. starbucks is always a familiar face wherever life has taken me. to clear my head i jump in my vw. drive. sign. open roads. getting lost. sunshine. blue skies. with no real destination. camera right there next to me.

people have described me as a gypsy. i would say i have more of a wonderlust. a strong desire for and or impulse to wander, travel and explore the world with a passion. it could be out my back door. another province. or another country.

passion is defined as an intense emotion compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something. which is not just photography but people and life. capturing the emotions. moments. everything the world has to offer.

i would love to get to know you. lets incorporate whats important to you in your photos. favorite colors. activity. food. place. lets smile and laugh and just have fun.

i want to show the world everything beautiful. i would love take your photo.

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